The bagpipe has been around in my life since the early 1980s. I built my first bagpipe and learned to play on it. Since then, there have been a number more. I have since "modernized" my pipes, but always had the simple farmer's pleasure in focus. This image from somewhere in Sweden. I'm playing my first Säckpipa in my Swedish folk costume from Dala-Järna. Early 1980s. 

Picture from 1998.My first sackpipa in the middle. Left a "swedish" sackpipa.To the right a "pôsu" made of Jacaranda, moose horn and goatskin. Above some newer pôsus.

A new picture from my kitchen. I'm playing with Kevin Tilbury från Scotland! He has made an interview about my life as musician and instrument builder. 
Börs  Anders

Next version is out! The cooperation with Herman Nockmar has resulted in new THINNER CARBON FIBER REEDS! Everything is adjusteble: Tuning, volume and sound quality. Now in better uniform material. All for just 900 SEK/set.
Bors Anders & Herman

One should not always be serious and correct. I have made a rare midieval instrument which can be for pleasure. Midieval Kazoo which was  the first start of a new sound that was "invented" after a musician had listen to a morning bumblebee./Bors  Anders

I have for many years fabricated the Yorkflute as it was found in the vikinggrave in York. I have tried go get the extended flute, as it must have looked. No-one have ever understood that the flute must have looked this way. Now I have made it. /Bors  Anders