Intreseted in newmade historical instruments ? Then You´re in the right place! New: Reeds in carbon for the bagpipes!

All the instruments I make are hand made, based on how they have looked and functioned through history. In some cases I have adapted materials and techniques to today’s circumstances, to make well-sounding and easily playable instruments for today’s people.
With pleasure! /Bors Anders

The reed dream is reality! The cooperation with Herman Nockmar has resulted in new CARBONFIBER REEDS! Everything is adjusteble: Tuning, volume and sound quality. All for just 800 SEK/set. This is introduction price. Bors Anders & Herman

One should not always be serious and correct. In winter there have been Tutings! A snaps cup that is always included. It hangs around your neck and therefore quickly emerges when needed. At the small end there is a built-in flute . When the cup is empty, you can tip the pipe to get more. NOTE! This can lead to an improper tending during the evening!/Bors  Anders

Sometimes it feels good with a light that lights up in the darkness. A lamp in sawed birch 
make matters better. The light holder is made of turned birch and contains a lightweight metal cup. All for it to be fireproof.
/Bors  Anders